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How to apply for a Tax Clearance Certificate — this link will take you to information on the Revenue website about registering with Revenue as an unincorporated voluntary body (Form TR3) and applying for a Tax Clearance Certificate.

Find out about grants available in your area through your local Public Participation Network (PPN)
Are you part of your local Public Participation Network (PPN)? The PPN is an inclusive national framework that links community or voluntary groups with their local authority, enabling them to engage with local government, find out what is happening in their local area and contribute to better decision making.

The PPN also ensures that local government is keyed in to the concerns, needs and priorities of the communities they serve by providing a forum to gather insights and experiences directly from the community and voluntary groups on the ground.

As well as this, your local PPN can keep you informed about grants available to you and help you to apply. It is so important to be a part of your local PPN.

Each of Ireland’s 31 local authority areas has a PPN, and you can find your local PPN by contacting your county council or by searching ‘Find your local Public Participation Network’ online.

You can find out more about Public Participation Networks Ireland on the Irish Government website.