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Vodafone Ireland Foundation and Active Retirement Ireland and ALONE have joined forces to deliver a new five-year dedicated, nationwide digital skills training programme for older people.

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5 Year
Nationwide Plan

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Training 230,000
Older People

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€2 Million

Active Retirement Ireland is driven by partnership, learning together and promoting empowerment and positive change for older people. By partnering with Vodafone Ireland Foundation, we will be able to upskill more people which will make a real difference to the lives of 230,000+ older people. Older people’s input and needs will be at the core of all aspects of this programme.

Hi Digital programme is aimed at bridging the worsening digital divide being experienced by older people in Ireland.

Active Retirement Ireland is proud to support this transformational project that will empower older people to use the internet and computers in their daily lives.

Our aim is to reach older people and improve digital literacy by partnering with Vodafone Ireland Foundation and ALONE to deliver a national programme to increase digital literacy.

  • Vodafone will invest more than €2M in Hi Digital, a nationwide social partnership with Active Retirement Ireland & ALONE to deliver online and in-person digital skills training for older people.
  • Hi Digital is designed to support more than 230,000 older people through a purpose-built education platform that will help to bridge the worsening digital divide experienced by older persons.

The partnership will employ six key principles to deliver impactful learning opportunities and improve digital skills across Ireland: affordability, scalability, enabling, empowering, sustainability and knowledge.

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About the course

The Hi Digital online training course covers basic and essential digital skills including:

Sending emails

Keeping in touch with friends and family through social media or video calling

Online banking and government services online

Looking up information for hobbies or travel

Reading, watching and listening to news online

Online shopping

Using the internet on your phone

Using your phone to take and share pictures or videos

Online safety and more.

The Hi Digital programme offers blended learning options — you can complete the online course at home independently or with a friend or family member, sign up to Active Retirement Ireland’s face to face group classes for additional mentoring and support, or both.

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Hi Digital programme resources

The following Hi Digital resources are available to download and print:

Active Retirement Ireland Hi Digital fact sheet

Active Retirement Ireland Hi Digital flyer

Hi Digital Buddy Guide — the Hi Digital Buddy Guide has been developed to help mentors or ‘buddies’ (a learner’s friend or family member) to get started and provide additional information and practical support to learners as they navigate through the course. This guide will provide you with an overview of the course and some tips you can use, whether you’re providing support to one learner or a group.

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Hi Digital is a free learning experience created by Vodafone Ireland Foundation in partnership with Active Retirement Ireland and ALONE. Designed for anyone who wants to learn basic and essential online skills, the initiative supports both self-learners and those helping older people get online.

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Hi Digital is the only programme of its scale in Ireland that will offer a blended learning approach. Through charity partners Active Retirement Ireland and ALONE, face to face training will be available either in group settings or in the home.

With 25,000 members, Active Retirement Ireland will engage older people themselves to champion and deliver the Hi Digital training at community level. In addition, Active Retirement Ireland will link in with the nationwide network of public Vodafone Broadband Connection Points throughout the country to ensure everyone will have the opportunity to access the internet to learn online skills, even in the most remote locations.

Active Retirement Ireland will provide digital training for older people through its existing groups and networks using a blended learning model which combines online with in-person training. Vodafone will work with the organisation to train Digital Champions who will provide support to older people. In addition, Active Retirement Ireland will link in with the nationwide network of public Vodafone Broadband Connection Points throughout the country to provide group training and devices to users.

Through its partnership with Active Retirement Ireland and ALONE, The Vodafone Ireland Foundation has committed to investing more than €2m over five years to deliver online and in person digital skills training for older people.

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