Group Insurance
Active Retirement Ireland provides two distinct, but important, insurance schemes for our affiliated groups and their members. These are Public Liability Insurance and Personal Accident Cover.

Public Liability Insurance exists to handle claims made against an Active Retirement group by the public for damages from accidental injury or accidental property damage. If through the “negligence” of an Active Retirement group when organising an activity some person (be they members, non-members or the general public) suffers accidental injury or accidental property damage the committee and members of the ARA could be held personally liable to pay compensation to the victim.

Public Liability insurance does not “cover” people. What is covered is the legal liability of an ARA for claims made against it for accidental injury or accidental property damage. For this reason, we also offer Personal Accident Cover to all our members. This gives our members peace of mind, as they know that should they suffer an injury by accident on any Active Retirement activity, the financial burden an accident can bring will be eased for them and for their families.

If you have any questions about either insurance scheme, please contact our brokers, IFS Ltd. on 01-6281100