ARI Frequently Asked Questions
What does it cost to join?
Membership fees are set by the local groups, based on the costs they incur. Some groups charge per meeting, rather than once per year. Of the membership fee, just €12 goes to the national organisation, to pay for national events, programmes, workshops, competitions and more.
Where is my local group?
Click below button to find your nearest Active Retirement groups.

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There’s no group in my area, how can I set one up?
Speak to your local volunteer development officer, who can come to meet you and anyone else interested in establishing a new group. Click below button to find your local Development & Outreach team.

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Can anyone join?
Membership is open to anyone who is either retired or semi-retired from full-time or part-time, paid or unpaid work. We are an open and inclusive organisation that does not discriminate against anyone who is interested in joining.
Is Active Retirement Ireland a registered charity?
Active Retirement Ireland registered with the Charities Regulatory Authority in 2014 and is also compliant with the Code of Governance as a type C organisation.

What is Active Retirement Ireland’s registered charity number?
CHY 15090
Is Active Retirement Ireland a religious organisation?
No, Active Retirement Ireland is non-denominational.
Is Active Retirement Ireland a political organisation?
No. While we fulfil an important advocacy role on behalf of our members, Active Retirement Ireland is non-party political.
How is Active Retirement Ireland funded?
Active Retirement Ireland receives €12 from each member. We also receive grants from the HSE and from central government. Most of our costs are paid through grant aid from funders such as Pobal and the HSE. We also raise money for national programmes and events through a variety of fundraising activities.
Can I see your annual accounts?
Click below button to see our annual accounts for the latest year available.


I need to update the details of my Active Retirement Group.
To notify Active Retirement Ireland of a change on your local group’s committee, download and fill in form in the first button below and send it to the Central Support Office. For any other queries, please call us on 01-8733836. If you need to reaffiliate your group for the new year, the form is in the second button below. To send us the names of your group’s new members, please fill out the form in third button below and return this form.
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What does a local group’s constitution look like?
As all our affiliated groups are independent and self-managed, they write their own constitutions. Click the button below to see the sample version.
What is the company member?
Active Retirement Ireland is a company limited by guarantee since 2008. Any Active Retirement Association who affiliates to the national organisation may apply for membership of the company by nominating someone from their group to hold such membership in their own name on behalf of the local group. This entitles them to represent the group and vote at the general meetings of Active Retirement Ireland.